Zendure Super Tank Pro 26800mAh Power Bank

QAR 499

Product Details:

The latest and most powerful power bank with 4 Type-C inputs, a capacity of 26800 mAh, and a total power of 138W Super Tank Pro from Zendure.

It features a large OLED screen and gives you the amount of battery charge and the watts power giving to the devices.

Two 100W Type-C fast charging ports for charging laptops such as Mac Pro and tablets such as iPad, and you can also charge the power bank from the same input.

Two 18W Type-C fast charging ports for charging tablets such as iPads and others, as well as phones.

Suitable size and you can take it with you outside home.

Made of reinforced aluminum, anti-hit or fall.

It receives a 100W charge and takes time of 90 minutes to fully charge if it is charged with this rated power.