Full Body Vibration Plate Machine

QAR 650

Product Details:

It has a digital control panel that can choose from 10 preset exercise modes that can be displayed on the LCD screen and adjust the speed between 99 different levels for a customized body experience.

The device features a full body vibration with 3 standing positions for running, jogging or walking.

Oscillating vibration with its balanced level of low-impact vibrations and high-intensity vibrations is gentle on joints while promoting circulation, muscle tone, improved balance, and weight loss.

Power, timer and speed settings can be manually controlled through the buttons on the appliance or conveniently made adjustments using the remote control.

Attached suction pads on the bottom reduce impact on the floor while helping prevent slipping and an integrated handle allows for easy transport.

A pair of the included resistance bands can be attached to the machine to add a variety of gentle, full-body exercises.

It works by electricity and does not require charging or batteries.