Green Electric Kitchen Scale 10Kg Max

Green Electric Kitchen Scale 10Kg Max

QAR 80

Product Details:

Kitchen scale with digital display that measures up to 10 kilos innovative from Green.

It is distinguished by its small size, very thin and accurate measurement, and it can bear weights from 1 gram to 10 kilograms.

It can measure several units of weight such as grams, kilograms, and others.

Made of high quality materials, especially stainless steel.

Suitable for those who follow a diet so that the ingredients or food can be measured according to desire.

It operates on an AAA battery and does not require charging or electricity, with an automatic shut-off feature in 120 seconds, which saves battery consumption.


This product is a precision instrument, please handle it with care. Do not hit, shake or drop.

The product does not contain a battery, but it must be purchased separately.

Designed for family use only, not for commercial use.