Green Makeup Fridge 12L

QAR 449

Product Details:

Make-up fridge to store almost all your beauty products with a capacity of 12 liters.

This mini fridge has three modes, smart constant temperature mode, night mute mode, and energy saving mode to meet your demands at different times.

It features a timer from 8:00 am to 19:59 pm the refrigerator will stay in a temperature mode of about 10°C and from 20:00 pm to 7:59 am it will remain in silent and economical mode with a temperature of about 15°C.

It can refrigerate skincare products and skincare items also can be used for drinks and medicines.

It has a handle that makes it easy to carry if you need it on the go.

It works by electricity and contains energy saving technology, thus saving electricity consumption at home.