Baseus GF3 Car Wash Spray Nozzle 30M

QAR 225

Product Details:

Baseus Garden Watering and Sprinkler Spray Gun with Telescopic Hose, Car Wash Spray Nozzle and 30m Connector.

Double mechanical pressure has a large water flow with double pressure and better cleaning effect.

It features a reduced integrated design with no chance of water leakage.

The operation is easy, you do not have to press and hold the button during operation, as it operates by pressing the button to lock and turn on.

Thickened inner tube can withstand large hydraulic pressure Superior traction resistance.

Automatic Drainage The telescopic water hose automatically expands when pumped with water and drains water away when the water is turned off.

The gun is made of ABS materials.

The hose is made of polyester materials.

Hose length: 15m before water injection and 30m after water injection.