Reolink Go PT Plus With Solar Panel

QAR 1199

Product Details:

GO PT Pluse 2K Outdoor Smart Detection Camera with high resolution solar panels and clear surveillance imaging from Reolink.

It works via Wi-Fi or with a 4G-3G SIM card.

It features 4MP high quality and natural HD image.

Movable with a full rotation angle of 355 degrees and a height angle of 140 degrees.

Supports the night vision system via infrared rays up to 10 meters.

It has a dual-directional microphone and speaker, which allows you to speak through it.

It contains an artificial intelligence system that recognizes human faces from 10 meters away.

Customizable verbal alerts can be recorded through the app.

The memory card can store up to 32GB and supports a maximum of 128GB.

Battery with a capacity of 6000mAh, which can be recharged through solar panels or through a micro wire.

Control APP: Reolink.