Sguai T30 Smart Water Bottle 1.3L

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Product Details:

Multifunctional innovative smart water bottle with RGB Light & 1.3L capacity from Sguai.

It has the feature of reminding the user to drink water regularly and using its dToF sensor tracks and analyzes water consumption.

The reminder feature to drink water by sending alerts or notifications to the user at specific time periods, which helps him maintain his body hydration and appropriate water consumption.

It has a smart water consumption tracking and analysis feature where it can record and monitor the amount of water drunk throughout the day.

People can maintain a balanced daily water intake and ensure they get enough water to stay hydrated and healthy.

The user can view water consumption data via the SGUAI or Sihati application.

The battery capacity is 430 mAh, it works for 15 continuous days, and the charging time is 2 hours using the wireless charger.