Xiaomi Compact Hair Dryer H101

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Product Details:

H101 hair dryer with water ion technology from Xiaomi.

This device is distinguished by the fact that it dries the hair using ion technology, which works to condense the moisture in the rushing air. It dries the hair, replenishes moisture in it, and reduces the static electricity that frizzes the hair.

It contains 6 powerful blades to propel the air, and the rotation speed reaches 20,000 RPM and the air speed reaches 15 m per second.

Contains 50 million highly concentrated negative ions for smoother hair.

The temperature can be changed to degrees, including hot or cold, as well as two speeds for a simple or strong airflow, as desired.

Double overheat protection ensures safety and ease of use.

Designed in a circular shape, it isolates sound as much as possible and is also considered the ideal solution for hair care.

The length of the wire is 1.7 meters. It works using electricity and has a hanger at the bottom. It can be hung on the wall or in the closet.