Eufy By Anker 2K Video Doorbell

QAR 750

Product Details:

The Eufy smart doorbell with a Wi-Fi camera with high resolution and clear surveillance imaging from Anker.

This bell is distinguished by giving you an alert and letting you see who is at the door and communicate with it by voice through your phone while you are outside the house.

It contains a central system Home Base, and is the linking point between the bell and the smart system. It is also a loudspeaker for the bell, and at the same time it contains the storage memory.

It contains a sensor for moving objects and detects passers-by in front of the house and covers an open corner in a clear manner.

It supports the sound recording system, so you can record a specific sound and it works every time the bell rings automatically.

It supports battery saving mode, so it works for 6 months continuously, and it is estimated to be charged twice a year.

A free and encrypted video storage and storage system that can only be viewed by the account holder.

A wireless speaker with a very powerful sound rate of up to 95 dB per bell, with different sound modes, the most important of which is the Do Not Disturb mode.

It can be installed through adhesive or screws, and it contains an anti-theft system. If someone tries to steal it, a very annoying sound will be heard, and the camera will work automatically to capture the thief's face, while giving alerts on the phone.

Supports infrared night vision system.

Charging port: Micro.

Control application: Eufy Security.