Moestar By Xiaomi UFO Retractable Pet Leash 2 Plus Dog & Cat Traction Rope

QAR 189

Product Details:

Leash 2 Plus animal controller device the new version of Moestar by Xiaomi.

The device is considered the second generation of its kind, as the manufacturing materials and design have been developed, as well as the rope pulling strength of up to 90KG and a length of 3M.

The product is distinguished by making it easier for you to control dogs or cats in an innovative and smart way while leaving the house or during exercise.

It can be used without holding the device itself (handsfree), so that it can be inserted into the forearm and use your hands comfortably to watch the phone and others.

It is designed in such a way that the lock can be stopped or opened with the press of a button, or it can be completely locked on a specific length as desired, so that the animal cannot move away from you while you are exercising.

It contains 3 colors of ring light, so that you are visible in dark places while walking, and a 3 meter distance small flash light to see the road in front of you.

Rechargeable with a Type-C port and the battery capacity is 210mAh.

30Kg Max Pet Weight.


The device contains a handle to hold the animal tie and does not contain the tie itself.